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Should You Update Your AdWords Search Campaign To Search Network with Display Select?

Google’s new campaign type Search Network with Display Select is a new hybrid campaign format that aims to make display more effective. The idea is that changing your campaign type from just search to this new option could help you get more traffic from users browsing relevant content online, even if you don’t have the know-how to manage display.

Search continues to outperform display for most direct response advertisers, and display campaigns typically need to be managed separately with their own budgets, bids, targets, ads, and other custom settings for optimal performance. This is why many advertisers still choose not to run display campaigns, and Google might be looking to ease the entry into display for such advertisers as well as boost display revenues.

Search Network with Display Select uses Google’s new and improved algorithm that aims to drive results similar to search. It uses current performance metrics to find similar results on the Google Display Network. For example, if you’re getting search conversions at a profitable cost per conversion, upgrading to the new hybrid format should get you more such conversions from display.

Upgrading is extremely simple. In your campaign settings page, just change your campaign type to Search Network with Display Select. If you have image ads, add those to your ad groups as well.


One of my clients was interested in testing this new campaign type, and we decided to try it with a smaller campaign that was running on just search. We ran the test for 2 weeks and saw conversion decrease 75%, while cost to convert increased over 200%. I would have expected clicks to go up with opting into a new network, but even clicks decreased 18%.

Obviously, each industry, campaign, and website is different, so your results will vary. However, while Search Network with Display Select sounds compelling, I recommend doing a trial first, perhaps with one of your smaller campaigns. If you are considering switching, proceed cautiously with a lower priority campaign, and make sure you review performance before and after the switch.