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Edit Your AdWords Campaigns in Bulk

AdWords just released a bulk editing feature that you can easily access within the interface. You can now make edits to thousands of ads, keywords, bids, destination URLs, and other attributes from within your account.

I’ve found the new bulk edit most useful for editing match types and bids, and for making ad text changes that apply to numerous ad groups and campaigns. Just highlight the ad groups or keywords you’d like to edit. The Edit menu is now a drop down button with various options to choose from.

Here is an example of how this will look like if you’d like to edit CPC bids in bulk. In your AdWords account, go to tab Keywords and select the keyword you’d like to adjust bids for. Go to Edit and choose Change max CPC bids… and click Preview to see what changes will be made.

You can even review the recent bulk edits you made from within the Edit menu.

UI bulk editing should make AdWords management a lot faster and save us having to use AdWords Editor for some of the more complex account management work.